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I'm Providing A Mobile Service To Professional Repair Shops Only.

Service Area includes Greater Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN


Installing a new control module? Almost all modules these days have some sort

of programming. Software files are downloaded from the  OEM websites to program modules.All modules have set up procedures after installation. Aftermarket scanners just can't do it.


Don't waste time and money going to the dealer, I will

come to you and program the module at your shop. 


 Some tips when getting ready to replace a module


(1) Does the battery pass a load test?

(2) Do you have all the keys and fobs?

(3) Immobilizer Needs Programming? Please Select the Locksmith Tab for more Info

(4) Some programming requires that the old module be plugged in to extract information.  Then it is uploaded to the new module.

(5) Do Not try to start the car!

(6) Found a TSB and wonder if it applies?

Mode 9 in Global OBD2 will give you CAL ID info.


GM CAL ID info

Ford CAL ID info

Chrysler CAL ID (need to download the PDF)

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